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Who Is A Technology Consultant? A Fresh Look in 2021


We hear the term “technology consulting” more often these days. Are you wondering – who is a technology consultant? What does it do? Below we have an explanation for you. 

In today’s world, technology is playing a central role. Nearly in everything we do, there is a technological aspect to it. It is not just the case for individuals but also for businesses. 

In one of our earlier posts on Digital Business Design, we have stated that – it is easy for individuals to use digital technologies, but, it is not equally easy for organizations to use them to create new digital offerings. 

As companies are forced to reimagine their value propositions for the digital economy we live in, they are challenged to keep up with the ever-changing world of technology. The change is the nature of the beast. 

This is where technology consultants come into play. These specialists help to steer the transformation of organizations with technology. 

Today’s challenges are completely different than of yesterday’s. Traditionally, the transformations were more focused on reducing costs and streamlining business processes. 

But today, they are mostly geared towards defining digital strategies, designing future-proof enterprise architectures, adopting emerging technologies, and more. 

Who is a Technology Consultant?

A technology consultant is somebody who on one hand has technical skills and is proficient in the domain he is working in (for example, an enterprise architecture consultant is expected to have a good level of proficiency in business architecture frameworks, IT standards, and governance). 

Generally speaking, he is working on technology transformation or implementation. He is familiar with Agile project methodologies. And has general knowledge of application development practices, and architecture frameworks, patterns, and business practices. 

On the other hand, technology consultants are consultants, that demands they have certain business skills as well, such as: 

  • Client handling & communication through structured questioning, careful listening, and delivery of fact-based findings 
  • Critical thinking / analytical and problem-solving skills 
  • Collaboration / fostering a healthy team-oriented work environment 
  • Ability to meet tight project deadlines or timelines 
  • Ability to determine client issues and communicate clear explanations and suggested actions to the project team 
  • Able to communicate effectively with clients 

In addition to “who is a technology consultant”, feel free to check out the link below where we elaborated the key merits that help one to become a successful technology consultant. 

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