What Is Quantum Computing Used For Today
Quantum Computing

What Is Quantum Computing Used For Today?


Quantum computing (QC) – probably one of the oft-repeated cool terms of today has attracted a lot of speculation on what it is. Beyond understanding this question & disentangling myth from reality, this article is more about – what is quantum computing used for today?

Since gaining public popularity, many hoped quantum computers (once they become real) will help us, amongst other things, in today’s life-threatening problems like cancer, climate change, etc.

No doubt, quantum computing has come out as a revolutionary technology. And it has great potential to solve today’s challenging problems.

Then, let’s jump straight to the question that matters.

Has quantum computing reached a level that makes it capable of solving commercially relevant challenges?

The answer that many seem to agree on is “not yet”. Companies like IBM, Intel, Microsoft, and Google have been investing in building their first quantum computers (or chips).

However, it is still early to say if any of the works are close to resulting in a commercially viable computer. Which is able to run large-scale applications at acceptable costs.

Quantum computers, as we know them, have limited I/O capability. This makes them not a good candidate for big data problems. On the other hand, it has advanced a lot in solving large compute problems on small data.

According to Microsoft, it is especially useful in game-changing solutions like designing better batteries, new catalysts, quantum materials, or countering climate change.

Early pioneers in this domain are taking a step at a time to lead the way to scalable and accessible quantum computing. Check the link below to find out how Microsoft is advancing in this domain together with its partners:

“Azure Quantum is an open ecosystem of quantum technologies from Microsoft and partners that enable developers, businesses, and researchers to build and deploy quantum computing solutions at scale.”

Quantum-inspired optimization (QIO) solutions

What is also advancing in parallel to quantum computers is so-called quantum-inspired optimization (QIO) solutions. These are solutions that apply quantum principles to increase the speed and accuracy of algorithms running on classical computers.

Compared to quantum computers, we see that QIO solutions are more real in solving the complex challenges of today.

QIO solutions can help organizations in many different industries save time and money while dealing with their tough optimization problems. It includes but not limited to healthcare, manufacturing, aerospace, and other industries.

These solutions will become even more valuable & powerful once we have scaled quantum hardware which will fuel further acceleration.

To stay up-to-date with the advancements happening in the quantum computing domain, you can follow Q2B. It is a major conference that exposes you to key data and developments on significant technological, corporate, and government efforts in the domain. The event hosts renowned QC experts who readily share their knowledge and insights.

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