Top Infrastructure As Code (IaC) Tools
Infrastructure As Code (IaC)

Top Infrastructure As Code (IaC) Tools – Chef, Puppet, Ansible


In this IaC series, we will focus on the three of the top Infrastructure as Code (IaC) tools – Chef, Puppet, Ansible. Chances are high you’ve already heard of these names as part of the popular DevOps toolchain.

If you are new to IaC, we advise you to check this post in our series to find out more on “What is IaC | What is Infrastructure as Code“. In the same series, we’ve also explained how IaC Is The Key To Attaining 100% DevOps.

Our intention in this article is not to argue which tool is better than the other. It is more to create awareness on what they do and how they contribute to the same goal – IT automation.

When you browse the internet, you typically see that they are listed as very similar tools. In fact, originally each of them was developed with a specific purpose in mind. However, over time they have evolved to become the best Infrastructure As Code tools that respond to most of the IaC needs.

On a high level, they are regarded, as “configuration management” tools that help to deploy, configure and manage servers – in short, you would say IT automation.

While they serve pretty much the same purpose, let’s have a look at how each tool defines itself:


Chef exists to improve the lives of IT operators through software automation. We help teams collaborate effectively and adopt a DevSecOps approach in order to deliver and maintain infrastructure and applications that are nimble and secure by design.



Ansible is an open source community project sponsored by Red Hat, it’s the simplest way to automate IT. Ansible is the only automation language that can be used across entire IT teams from systems and network administrators to developers and managers.

Not too clear, right? This creates a need for us to compare these tools to under their different aspects better.

Below, we’ve provided the comparison diagram of the three of the top infrastructure as code (IaC) tools –  Chef, Puppet, and Ansible.

These tools are generally simple to use, however, they are very powerful when it comes to automating complex multi-tier IT application environments.

Comparison Of Three Of The Best IaC Tools

Chef vs. Puppet vs. Ansible

Chef vs. Puppet vs. Ansible by Veritis

For more information on each tool, you can visit their corresponding websites: Chef, Puppet, Ansible.


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