Infrastructure As Code (IaC) Is The Key To Attaining 100% DevOps
DevOpsInfrastructure As Code (IaC)

IaC Is The Key To Attaining 100% DevOps. Here Is Why.


We hear a lot that Infrastructure As Code (IaC) is critical to achieving 100% DevOps. Before we explore this, let’s quickly refresh our memory on what DevOps is. Amazon defines DevOps as:

The combination of cultural philosophies, practices, and tools that increases an organization’s ability to deliver applications and services at high velocity.

In our blog Benefits Of Infrastructure as Code, we emphasized the fact that IaC is essential today in enabling organizations to deliver new offerings to their customers very quickly to stay competitive.

Do you see how DevOps and IaC sound similar in terms of how they help organizations? In fact, IaC plays an important role in implementing DevOps practices.

With IaC, teams are able to spin up and down new infra resources in seconds. This, in turn, means that system admins are not bogged down in time-consuming and labor-intensive manual processes.

CI/CD relies on ongoing automation and continuous monitoring throughout the application lifecycle, from integration and testing to delivery and deployment.

As IaC bolsters consistency across environments, it helps to reduce a lot of errors and manual configuration work. In this way, you make sure that each time you ask for an environment, you get exactly the same environment as you had before.

It is this key benefit of Infrastructure as Code that it strengthens DevOps bringing Dev and Ops teams on the same page in terms of environment provisioning. Both teams rely on the same recipe for environment creation.

Brining IaC into your Continuous Delivery pipelines, you can snip up an environment for QA purposes, deploy your application, run your functional tests and spin down the environment – all in an automated fashion.

Finally, since IaC is also code, you can apply DevOps best practices to it as well. You can make sure that you test and version control your infrastructure code as any software code.

IaC with Cloud and DevOps

Many of us are familiar with how Cloud and DevOps couple together to create the secret sauce for success.

The cloud has already elevated a lot of burden from the shoulders of organizations. By providing computing services and technologies through the cloud.

Adding IaC to that is like music to ears. It unlocks the full potential of cloud computing. All of a sudden, not only your IT manages no data center, they literally do not perform any manual, error-prone infra management tasks as well.

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