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Top 5: Cloud Computing Books To Read In 2021


Gain an end-to-end perspective on cloud technologies and the associated challenges and opportunities. Make sure you put these technology books on your reading list. In this article, we would like to offer up our recommended cloud computing books to read in 2021.

As a cloud professional or a student just getting into the cloud domain, we are so much involved in the details, that we easily fall into the trap of seeing the forest for the trees. To set yourself up for becoming the tech leader of tomorrow, it is key that you wrap your head around the big picture of the cloud.

No doubt, the cloud has been the major fuel for the digital transformation that has changed our world drastically. And for sure will stay to do so in the coming years as well. And not to mention more and more businesses are looking for cloud-savviness in their current and prospective employees.

In order to assist you a little, we have compiled for you five of the finest recent cloud computing books to read in 2021 based on recommendations by thought leaders, experts, and user ratings.

These books are intended for beginners and experts alike and are written by authors with proficiency and/or recognition in the field of cloud computing.

Let’s dig in.

Explain the Cloud Like I’m 10

By: Todd Hoff

Explain The Cloud Like I'm 10 - Cloud Computing Book

Why you should read it: The Cloud has emerged not so long ago, but it is increasingly impacting every aspect of our lives. And naturally, it’s triggered everyone to ask what it is and to try to learn more about it. Simply, the cloud is the future. It is the future of software, the future of computing, and the future of business. “Explain The Cloud Like I’m 10” will help you to discover the secrets of the cloud through simple explanations that use lots of pictures and examples.

The promise of the book is that you will understand the cloud after reading it. The author has made a bold statement that “the cloud is not that hard to understand, it’s just that nobody has taken the time to explain it properly”. The book is meant for a general audience and takes you through a slow step-by-step journey to help you digest the concepts and formulate them better in your head.

Cloud Native Transformation: Practical Patterns for Innovation

By: Pini Reznik, Jamie Dobson, Michelle Gienow

Cloud Native Transformation - Cloud Computing Book

Why you should read it: Going cloud-native has been a major benefit for many businesses over the last few years. But, particularly for organizations with significant legacy systems, it is a very challenging endeavor to embark upon. This insightful read explores effective architecture, design, and cultural patterns to help organization in their journey to becoming a cloud-native enterprise—no matter if it is just starting or is already sitting on top of a giant legacy system.

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The author presents a fictional company called Wealth Grid to help you understand the challenges, dilemmas, and considerations that accompany a move to the cloud. This book is especially useful for architects and technical leaders to learn the best practices of the enterprise-wide transformation journey.

The Read Aloud Cloud: An Innocent’s Guide to the Tech Inside

By: Forrest Brazeal

The Read Aloud Cloud - Cloud Computing Book

Why you should read it: In the world with the fast-evolving cloud computing jungle, the book takes you on a “sneaky-informative tour through the past, present and future of cloud computing, from mainframes to serverless and from the Internet of Things to artificial intelligence”.

The author has skillfully managed to present vital cloud concepts in a memorable fashion. It starts with explaining the “what” of the cloud and elaborating on the evolution of it. From there on, you dive into how the cloud becomes so loud until you get your hands cloudy. The author boldly states that the book is the definitive intro to the technologies that everyone uses and nobody understands.

Architecting the Cloud: Design Decisions for Cloud Computing Service Models

By: Michael J. Kavis

Architecting The Cloud - Cloud Computing Book

Why you should read it: Cloud computing is seeing an unprecedented adoption across the world. Willingly or unwillingly, organizations are forced to move to the cloud. However, you need to understand and define a cloud service model that is right for your organization before you can settle on a particular cloud model. This book with its vendor-neutral stance aims to guide readers in making one of the most critical technology decisions that organizations face.

The book will help you to match the right cloud service model(s) given a mixed set of business and technology requirements. And in this regard, this read is a comprehensive guide covering all aspects you need to be aware of in selecting the right cloud service model for your organization.

The Cloud Adoption Playbook: Proven Strategies for Transforming Your Organization

By: Moe Abdula, Ingo Averdunk, Roland Barcia, Kyle Brown, Ndu Emuchay

The Cloud Adoption Playbook - Cloud Computing Book

Why you should read it: As cloud technologies continue to challenge the fundamental understanding of how businesses work, smart companies are moving quickly to adapt to a changing set of rules. Adopting the cloud requires a clear roadmap backed by use cases, grounded in practical real-world experience, to show the routes to successful adoption.

The book helps biz and tech leaders in large-scale organizations run through the options and make the right decisions for driving and accelerating cloud adoption and digital transformation.

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