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Cloud And DevOps: Secret Sauce To Success in 2021


DevOps and the Cloud, a vital combination that has become essential for any top-notch industry. A company that plans to survive in a digitally transformed world today needs to be familiar with both terms.

When we speak about the cloud, we all know it’s a medium for provisioning infrastructures. The cloud’s basic objective is to provide services via the internet. Services can range from storage facilities, servers, networking, or even databases.

However, when we talk about DevOps, the term seems to be very unfamiliar to a common man. What is it and how does its integration with the cloud boost up efficiency? To find out how we can use the two to achieve our business goals, it’s important to understand the term first.

DevOps is all about improving and speeding up a product or an application’s lifecycle. It is a basic combination of operational practices and development tools to increase an organization’s production speed, efficiency, and quality.

According to AWS,

“DevOps is the combination of cultural philosophies, practices, and tools that increases an organization’s ability to deliver applications and services at high velocity.”

Currently, organizations following the traditional software development models and management processes lack speed and communication due to long life cycles and the constant need for client interaction. The speed of the DevOps model allows better service for organizations allowing them to compete in this rapidly growing and improving competitive market.

Relationship between the Cloud and DevOps

In a nutshell, we have the cloud which provides computing services and technology. On the other hand, we have DevOps which focuses on the fast delivery of quality products. By combining the two we can achieve a deadly combination of the most accessible resources with the best processes. Once we achieve this, our end result will be high-quality products released at much faster speeds and increased customer satisfaction.

The first, which we have already talked about is speed. Faster deliveries due to the better internal company architecture and faster market change adaptation. This is because the cloud’s flexible resources all sum up to produce a brilliant product.

The faster an industry releases product functionalities and gets client feedback the faster it can proceed to work on bugs and further increments of the app.

How the Cloud contributes to DevOps?

The benefits of Cloud and DevOps are just never-ending. This duo brings improvements in just about every domain. Be it scalability, collaboration, or even security. It is essential to recognize this global change in the market brought to the table that each industry will require to survive in the market. The IT change is driven by the cloud through its cutting-edge technology and resources just need to be banked on. As we know, DevOps is just one of the several models which make use of this facility to provide better service.

How the Cloud and DevOps overcome business problems?

So now that we know what exactly DevOps is, its advantages, and how it links up with the cloud. Now let’s talk about the everyday problems the two will overcome when looked at from a business point of view.

For starters, your product will be in the market before you know it. Furthermore, when we talk about the cloud we know that there’s no compromise on security. We can say a big farewell to downtime. Because with the cloud that’s never happening and scalability just puts the icing on the cake. It is the core reason for organizations shifting to a cloud-based environment. It is easy to upsize and downsize with just pressing a button. What could possibly be better?

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to increase your global reach. It’s time to professionalize your production life cycle. And it’s time to say a big farewell to huge infrastructure costs. With the Cloud and DevOps combined it’s a different ball game altogether.

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