Benefits Of Infrastructure as Code (IaC)
Infrastructure As Code (IaC)

Benefits Of Infrastructure as Code (IaC)


People even with little experience in the IT world can guess how difficult it has historically been to provision and main IT infrastructure. It has always been a time-consuming and costly manual process. Today, you will see the key benefits of infrastructure as code (IaC) which elevates these hardships once and for all.

In yesterday’s world, infra management for a typical company had to do with large data centers with physical hardware running in one or more distant locations. But in today’s world, it is increasingly becoming more about cloud computing, containers, and virtualization in general.

Let’s focus for a moment on the bigger picture. Companies today must shift their focus to innovation and quick value delivery to their customers to stay competitive.  This means it needs to release more applications to production on a daily basis. To support that, it needs to spin up and down new infra resources in a matter of minutes if not seconds.

As the company grows, it becomes more and more difficult to manage the scale of the infrastructure. This is exactly where IaC comes into play with its undeniable benefits.

Before we dive into the benefits of IaC, if you are not too familiar with the term, the resource below can get you up to speed quickly:

[ What is IaC? | What is Infrastructure as Code? ]

Infrastructure As Code – Key Benefits

IaC helps organizations to manage their IT infrastructure needs while also improving consistency and reducing errors and manual configuration. Below are some key benefits of infrastructure as code.

  • Cost reduction
  • Increase in speed of deployments
  • Reduce errors
  • Improve infrastructure consistency
  • Eliminate configuration drift
  • IaC tool examples

In order to achieve infra automation and configuration, there are some best-in-breed tools that are specifically designed to achieve IaC:

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What is IaC? | What is Infrastructure as Code?

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